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Wheat grass juice powder QuantaCell67 (1)
wheat grass juice total black quantacell67
wheatgrass juice powder QUANTACELL67
Wheat grass juice powder QuantaCell67 (1)
wheat grass juice total black quantacell67
wheatgrass juice powder QUANTACELL67

Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder

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Wheatgrass juice powder is the most convenient way to get your daily green vegetables. Organically grown in a mineral – rich ancient sea bed soil, is delivered in 100% raw form, using bioactive dehydration. Our wheatgrass juice powder is a nutrient-dense superfood, with a dark green color and a pleasant taste. Support your health with a concentrated green juice, nearly identical to fresh squeezed wheatgrass shot.


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Wheatgrass juice has rightly earned its reputation as one of nature’s most healing and health – giving green vegetables.

We owe gratitude to Dr. Ann Wigmore, the woman who introduced wheatgrass juice to the whole world about 70 years ago.

While many people still don’t know about wheatgrass juice and its health benefits, different cheap and low quality wheatgrass powders have emerged.

Today you could even drink wheatgrass shots at your local juice bar or buy concentrated wheatgrass powders at health shops.

What sets Quantacell67 wheatgrass juice powder apart from other brands, is the premium – high quality and its unique patented extraction method.

Our wheatgrass juice powder is cold-pressed juice with a 20:1 concentration. We use 100 grams of fresh wheatgrass organically grown on rich volcanic soil, to produce 5g of juice powder (serving size).

Our unique product was created to give you raw wheatgrass juice without any hassle.

With a unique BioActive Dehydration™ method (freeze-drying) that never exceeds 41° C (106° F) and is only above body temperature 37° C (98.6° F) for less than 2 minutes, we aim to keep the nutrients alive – raw and as close to freshly squeezed wheatgrass shot as possible.

Quantacell67 wheatgrass juice powder is a  concentrated raw vegetable juice, that is packed with alive enzymes, minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, chlorophyll and antioxidants to enhance your health and vitality.

  • From the famous juice bars of New York to the health spa all over Europe, wheatgrass juice is fast becoming one of the most healthy nutritional supplement.
  • Wheatgrass juice was used in ancient China as a tonic in the spring and as a blood purifier.
  • Wheatgrass picks up 92 minerals from the soil and is one the finest grains for survival.
  • Wheatgrass juice and its high concentration of chlorophyll have been shown to balance the body’s pH and protect cells naturally.
  • Because of its chlorophyll content, wheatgrass juice is a great blood builder and body rejuvenator.
  • Dr Burkholder of Yale, states that wheatgrass juice is exceptionally rich in B vitamins.
  • Wheatgrass juice contains antibiotic properties active against Gram – positive bacteria and fungi, when tested in vitro, according to Peter Ark, Professor of Emeritus of plant pathology at University of California.
  • Gargle with wheatgrass juice to prevent tooth decay, toothaches, sore throat and pyorrhea of the mouth.
  • Drink wheatgrass juice for skin troubles as eczema and psoriasis.
  • Use wheatgrass juice as your trusted alive multivitamin.
  • Wheatgrass juice may keep the hair from graying, according to Dr Ann Wigmore.
  • Wheatgrass juice is great for blood disorders of all kinds, including anemia.
  • Wheatgrass juice aids in proper digestion.
  • Wheatgrass juice keeps your bowel open.
  • Wheatgrass juice may reduce high blood pressure.
  • Studies conducted have shown that wheatgrass juice can help in lowering high cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • According to Dr. Earp Thomas, 15 pounds of fresh wheatgrass is equivalent in nutritional value to 350 pounds of the choicest vegetables.
  • According to Dr. Elizabeth Rees, heavy metal poisons as lead, mercury, aluminum and cadmium that damage the nervous system and affect the liver and kidneys, can be removed by drinking daily wheatgrass juice.
  • Rich in enzymes and minerals, wheatgrass juice feeds you cells and gives all day energy to busy people, athletes and anyone who suffers from illness.
  • Wheatgrass juice support your immunity and protect you from various diseases.
  • Wheatgrass juice may reduce oxidative stress, thanks to its high antioxidants.
  • Wheatgrass juice may help in reducing the side effects of chemotherapy.
  • Wheatgrass juice may relieve stomach problems like indigestion and ulcerative colitis.
  • Wheatgrass juice powder may support your daily greens requirements.
  • High in antioxidants, Wheatgrass juice can counteract the complications from free radicals and protect the mitochondria.
  • Wheatgrass juice supports optimum energy levels and helps reduce tiredness and fatigue.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

*These claims about the health benefits of wheatgrass juice are based on international literature and published scientific research.

100% Wheat grass juice powder (KAMUT® khorasan brand)

  • Pure wheat grass juice powder rich in biophotons with no indigestible grass fiber.
  • Bioactive Dehydration below 40˚C.
  • Certified Organic, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO.
  • Suitable for: Vegan, Paleo, Keto diets.

Packed in dark amber glass jar to protect the raw juice powder from UV light.

Product origin:USA

1-2 teaspoons (3-6g) daily

Enjoy mixed in juice, smoothies, salad dressings. Add to your favorite raw food recipes to boost your healthy diet.

If you are a minimalist and want an easy solution, just add 1-2 teaspoons of wheatgrass juice powder  in a lidded jar with water, shake briskly and watch the juice come back to life.

Must be dissolved in cold water or water at room temperature, so the high nutrients & enzymes will not be lost by the heat.

More effective when sipped, rather than gulped down.

Best to drink 2 glasses every day.

Drink it in the morning for detox and a quick boost of your mind & energy.

Drink it in the afternoon to drive off afternoon drowsiness.

Upon drinking it, a part of the wheatgrass juice is immediately absorbed from the mucous membrane of the oral cavity.

For optimal freshness, please refrigerate after opening to avoid clumping and hardening. If some caking should occur from natural humidity, not to worry, the benefits will not be compromised.

There’s no approved recommended daily allowance for wheatgrass juice powder. If you have a medical condition that may be impacted by drinking wheatgrass juice, talk to your doctor to determine how much is safe for you to drink.

*This product does not mix easily in a glass of water. It works best when you put it in a blender with your favorite juice or smoothie. After opening, please keep the jar in the refrigerator. To limit exposure to moisture, you must use the product within 30-60 days. The wheatgrass juice powder may become hard otherwise.

What’s the difference between  Quantacell67 wheatgrass juice powder and the fresh wheatgrass shots?

Wheatgrass juice powder is more convenient  and healthy than fresh wheatgrass shots. Outdoor grown in mineral – rich volcanic soil in 2-3 months and not indoor in 7-10 days, as homemade wheatgrass grown on trays . Quantacell67 wheatgrass juice powder has a higher nutrient profile, a pleasant  taste and sweet aroma. With a unique bioactive dehydration method, we provide a truly raw wheatgrass juice powder, almost identical to fresh wheatgrass shots but without the hassle and unpleasant side effects.

What’s the difference between  Quantacell 67 wheatgrass juice powder and the cheap wheatgrass powders sold everywhere?

We believe that you get what you pay. The main difference comes down to their unique extraction methods. The cheap wheatgrass powders are produced from dehydrated whole wheatgrass, that is finely ground into a powder. Quantacell67 wheatgrass juice powder use bioactive dehydration, to deliver a truly raw juice without the indigestible fibrous and pulpy plant materials.

What is Kamut grass and why you prefer it as a raw material for making juice powder?

KAMUT® khorasan wheat is an ancient grain, guaranteed under the KAMUT® brand, to never be hybridized or genetically modified, always organically grown, and is prized for its nutrition, ease of digestibility, sweet nutty-buttery taste and firm texture. Khorasan wheat looks very similar to common wheat. However, its grains are twice the size of modern wheat kernel and they contain more proteins, lipids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals than modern wheat.

Is it OK to drink wheatgrass juice powder every day?

Yes it is, because wheatgrass juice powder is a natural -food and may support  nutritionally your daily diet. The recommended daily intake for maintaining optimum health is at least 5g. If recovering from a major health challenge, it can be good to take up to 10g twice a day, alongside a nutritionally balanced, whole foods plant based diet and other green juices. Suggested use for at least 3 months continuously and thereafter change to barley grass juice powder.

What is the best time to drink wheatgrass juice powder?

Wheatgrass juice powder should always be consumed on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning or at least 30 minutes before any other meal. Please avoid consuming evening hours, because it can cause overexcitement and insomnia.

Can I drink wheatgrass juice powder if I am gluten intolerant?

Wheatgrass is gluten-free when harvested from a growing wheat plant without any seeds. Wheatgrass is the fresh sprouted leaves of the wheat plant  at its early growth stages, before it becomes the actual grain that contains the gluten. We then juice it immediately for optimum nutritional values.

You can safely consume Quantacell67 wheatgrass juice powder, even if you suffer from gluten intolerance, as the allergy stems only from the gluten in normal wheat seeds and wheat flour.

Are there any side effects after drinking wheatgrass juice powder?

Wheatgrass does detox your body as every other green powder containing chlorophyll. During the first few days, you may experience negative reactions – like slight nausea, appetite loss, and constipation. But this is temporary.Quantacell67 wheatgrass  juice powder has not shown any side effects. Probably because it’s a high quality product.

Why do I feel nauseous, dizzy or sick after drinking wheatgrass juice?

These unpleasant responses are caused by mycotoxins released by mould, not the wheatgrass itself. You may experience any of these reactions, if you drink  fresh wheatgrass shots sold in your local juice bar. Indoor wheatgrass grown on trays, is also likely to have a mould problem as the growing environment is unnaturally humid and warm. These wheatgrass moulds release mycotoxins, which have a terrible sweet taste and cause side-effects such as dizziness, nausea  headaches and vomiting. Quantacell67 wheatgrass is organically grown in mineral – rich volcanic soil of Utah (USA), for 2-3 months the way nature intended. This means no detectable mould, no awful taste, no negative reactions. Just pure 100% raw juice, with none of the side-effects incorrectly characterised as “detoxification”.

Is wheatgrass juice powder safe to consume during pregnancy?

We believe that our wheatgrass juice powder, may support your health and the health of your baby during pregnancy and breast feeding. Assuming you are healthy and generally feeling well, we recommend you take 1tsp juice powder per day, with your favorite juice or smoothie. We always recommend consulting your medical doctor before trying wheatgrass juice powder. The same applies to any of our products. Just to be 100% safe!

Can wheatgrass  juice powder be given to children?

Wheatgrass juice powder is a natural food supplement, absolutely safe and even beneficial  for children above the age of 2 years old. It should be given in small quantities (¼ tsp per day / 1-2g per day) with their favorite fruit juice or cold cereal.

Does wheatgrass juice powder interact with any medications?

Excess amounts of wheatgrass juice powder and other green leafy vegetables, are contraindicated while using warfarin, as wheatgrass contains high levels of vitamin K. Please consult your physician before taking it, especially if you are on any medication or you are receiving treatment for any health condition.

13 reviews for Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder

  1. EΝ

    Χρήστος Χριστοδούλου (verified owner)

    Κορυφαίο προϊόν… στα επίπεδα που μας έχει συνηθίσει εδώ και χρόνια ο Σπάρτακος. Συνδυάζεται άριστα με όλους τους χυμούς και προσδίδει ιδιαίτερη γεύση. Αντιλαμβάνεσαι αμέσως ότι πρόκειται για ιδιαίτερο συμπλήρωμα, που προάγει την ευεξία και την υγεία. Εύχομαι όλος ο κόσμος, να εντάξει στην καθημερινότητά του τα προϊόντα της Quanacell67, γιατί όλα είναι μοναδικά και αξιόλογα. Σπάρτακε, σε ευχαριστούμε πολύ για όλα! 😊

  2. EΝ

    Ρόδα (verified owner)

    Ζωντανός χυμός!

  3. EΝ

    Katerina (verified owner)

    This is my nectar! I drink it every morning and i feel so high… I have a very demanding job (especially spiritually demanding) and every morning i feel the difference. I tried this product on HZV marks and it stopped the development of the disease, and helped to the relief of the pain and the marks to disappear. I am really thankful and proud for the Greek leader of the team (Spartakos), for offering us all these products and help us to change our lives.

  4. EΝ

    mpekis_16 (verified owner)

    Excellent product quality! I received the products within 2 days of ordering! I have tried Wheatgrass Juice, Barleygrass Juice and Beetroot Juice. All three are excellent and their packaging is very good. I will definitely prefer them again… Keep up the great work and most of all keep up the quality.

  5. EΝ

    nikos rigopoulos (verified owner)

    Great product, I loved it! Fast secure delivery and the best customer service. Not only answered the questions I had but also I got extra suggestions using the product. The best off all is that I can tell, that is the best quality made for people who care.

  6. EΝ

    jsoutera (verified owner)

    Εξαιρετικό προϊόν. Η παραγγελία μας έφτασε αμέσως και από την πρώτη μέρα χρήσης αυξήθηκε η ενέργειά μας . Η ποιότητα αυτού του προϊόντος είναι κορυφαία.

  7. EΝ


    Πολύ ευεργετικό προϊόν.Το χρησιμοποιώ κάθε μέρα και είμαι απόλυτα ευχαριστημένη. Έντονο χρώμα και μια ιδιαίτερη γεύση, που μαζί με τον χυμό πορτοκαλιού δεν το καταλαβαίνω καν όταν το πίνω. Σ´ευχαριστώ Σπάρτακε για αυτό το χαρισματικό προϊόν… Φιλιά από Κω!

  8. EΝ

    babinus (verified owner)

    Καταπληκτικό προιόν. Το δοκίμασα τυχαία μετά από παρότρυνση φίλου και ομολογώ ότι ενθουσιάστηκα. Άψογη εξυπηρέτηση. Το παρήγγειλα και ήρθε σε 2 ημέρες, μέσα σε μια απόλυτα σταθερή, ασφαλή και όμορφη συσκευασία. Το χρησιμοποιώ καθημερινά και έχει ανέβει η ενέργεια μου! Το συνιστώ ανεπιφύλακτα σε όλους.

  9. EΝ

    Stelios (verified owner)

    Εξαιρετικό προϊόν, ίσως το καλύτερο από όλα τα υπόλοιπα, αν το συγκρίνεις με άλλες ποιότητες καταλαβαίνεις αμέσως την διαφορά, σε γεύση, χρώμα και ενέργεια!

  10. EΝ

    Ilias B. (verified owner)

    I ordered wheat grass juice powder. First of all i find the site amazing and clear in everything, from the quality, use of each product, order, etc. You don’t have any answer in the process, which is amazing. The product also is amazing and the quality is obvious when you see the powder from the first time and then of course with the taste. As a chef i’ve tried in the past another companies and honestly it was one try and then i left the product to expire. With this product i check all the other products to make an order again for other products. Also the customer service is perfect. Thank you for everything and can’t wait for more products from your company.

  11. EΝ

    ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ (verified owner)

    Τέλειο προϊόν, συμπυκνωμένη γεύση, φαίνεται άλλωστε από το χρώμα… ζωντανό, ζωηρό, τέλειο!

  12. EΝ

    Nikos Geo (verified owner)

    I had purchased wheat grass powder in the past, but this wheat grass Juice powder definitely makes the difference.
    I can feel it in my body. Best Quality!

  13. EΝ



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