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broccoli sprouts juice come alive quantacell67
broccoli sprouts juice come alive
broccoli sprouts juice come alive quantacell67
3 Organic Broccoli Sprouts Juice COME ALIVE QuantaCell67
broccoli sprouts juice come alive quantacell67
broccoli sprouts juice come alive
broccoli sprouts juice come alive quantacell67
3 Organic Broccoli Sprouts Juice COME ALIVE QuantaCell67

Organic Broccoli Sprouts Juice

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Broccoli Sprouts Juice is scientifically known as “The Green Chemoprotective”. Inspired by science who found cancer preventing and fighting qualities in broccoli sprouts, we produce broccoli sprouts juice for the sole purpose of giving you the best source of sulforaphane.  Activate your body’s cellular defense and restore its optimal functioning state, slowing down the ageing process. The benefits of broccoli sprouts in one shot from the only producer of raw – cold pressed broccoli sprouts juice in the world! 28 Bottles x 40ml, 4 weeks supply 


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Sulforaphane was discovered in 1992 by Dr.Paul Talalay the Director of the Laboratory for Molecular Pharmacology at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and his co-worker, Professor Jed Fahey.

There are now  2.870 published research studies (till July 2023), proving the benefits of sulforaphane.

3 to 5 day old broccoli sprouts have 50-100x more sulforaphane than mature broccoli. Sulforaphane is one of the most powerful detoxification compounds and antioxidants ever known to man.

Biochemist and researcher Dr. Talalay found that benefits of sulforaphane begin at 10-20 micromoles per day.

Sulforaphane is also the reason that we make Juice from Broccoli Sprouts.

Juicing broccoli sprouts is the most effective way of producing  Sulforaphane.

Our Broccoli Sprouts Juice is made from broccoli sprouts. We use only 4-5 day old sprouts to maximize the amount of sulforaphane obtained, since this starts to decrease as the sprouts age.

The sprouts are grown in nutrient rich media as we use special mineral rich spring water. The sprouts must be grown at the perfect temperature and light conditions to maximize the nutrients and avoid growth of mold.

When the sprouts are ready, they are washed and juiced.  The juicing releases the myrosinase which combines immediately with glucoraphanine to produce sulforaphane.

The cold-pressed juice is then treated with high pressure processing  (HPP), which increases the amount of sulforaphane, locks in the nutrients and keeps the juice fresh.

Natural cold-pressed, unheated broccoli sprout juice also contains co-factors such as Vitamin C, that are used to assimilate the sulforaphane to its maximum potential.

Independent laboratory in USA tested  Broccoli Sprout Juice to contain at least 25 micromoles (per 10 ml) of isothiocyanates  including sulforaphane, so every 40ml shot provides 100 micromoles of isothiocyanates (including sulforaphane). Five times the suggested daily dose!

Each organic Broccoli Sprouts Juice shot (40ml) is equivalent to eating 1.5-2kg of mature broccoli or to eating 70g of fresh broccoli sprouts grown in your kitchen.

Our Broccoli Sprouts Juice comes in individually-packed 40 ml tube (shot), it is cold-pressed, never heated, never frozen and using high pressure processing (HPP) we preserve  all nutrients and live enzymes (especially sulforaphane). It needs no refrigeration and has a shelf life of up to 4-6 months.

Who would have imagine some 30 years ago that you could fight cancer and reverse autism by drinking Broccoli Sprouts Juice?

Supercharge your immune system with one shot of Broccoli Sprouts Juice every day for the rest of your life.

  • Sulforaphane may stop cancerous cells growth. A study from Johns Hopkins Medical Institute,  proved that 3 to 5 day old Broccoli Sprouts have over 100x higher sulforaphane than mature broccoli (the most dense sulforaphane among all vegetables).
  • In another study from Johns Hopkins Medical Institute, sulforaphane stopped the growth of 4 different kinds of human breast cancer cells. It stops breast cancer from metastasizing and has been shown to have a chemo-preventing effect on breast cancer.
  • High concentration of sulforaphane in Broccoli Sprouts may help protect people from cancers of the mouth, throat, head, and neck.
  • Studies have been conducted to show that extracts of Broccoli Sprouts can protect against oral cancer. Mice that were predisposed to oral cancer were treated with sulforaphane and over several months were reported to have reduced tumors. Professor Daniel Johnson, from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine says: “The clear benefit of sulforaphane in preventing oral cancer in mice, raises hope that this well-tolerated compound also may act to prevent oral cancer in humans, who face chronic exposure to environmental pollutants and carcinogens ”.
  • Sulforaphane in broccoli sprouts is able to seek out and destroy cancerous cells before cancer even have a chance to grow.
  • Sulforaphane from Broccoli Sprouts Juice may restore optimal functioning state of your body.
  • Sulforaphane  activates NRF-2 pathway (a special protein inside the cells) which switches on the body’s production of antioxidants.
  • Broccoli Sprouts Juice may protect you from the toxic air pollution in big cities. Broccoli Sprout Juice helps your body to produce glutathione (powerful antioxidant) which binds with toxins and escorts them out of the body.
  • Sulforaphane the active ingredient in Broccoli Sprouts Juice reduces depressive symptoms and anxiety.
  • Sulforaphane may repair damaged neurons after injury.
  • There is growing evidence that sulforaphane from Broccoli Sprouts is found to be effective in preventing and treating various cancers such as prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, skin, urinary bladder and oral cancers.
  • Results from the epidemiological and experimental studies have emphasized the role of sulforaphane as a complementary or alternative chemopreventive agent.
  • The immunomodulatory activity of sulforaphane from Broccoli Sprouts was summarized to be a new therapy for diseases with immune dysregulation.
  • Drinking  Broccoli Sprouts Juice every day, may improve  Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) over the course of a few months. This is possible, thanks to the powerful phytonutrient sulforaphane. There is solid evidence that sulforaphane helps in correcting the misfolded proteins in the brain and effectively protecting the brain cells from oxidative stress, preventing their death due to damage from free radicals. Both of these factors are thought to be major contributors to the development of ASD.
  • In a placebo-controlled, double-blind, randomized trial, young men (aged 13-27) with moderate to severe Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), received the sulforaphane derived from broccoli sprout extracts. After 18 weeks, participants  receiving daily oral doses of sulforaphane, showed improvement of behavior by 34% and also had improvement in social interaction, abnormal behavior and verbal communication. Upon discontinuation of sulforaphane, total scores on all scales rose toward pretreatment levels!!!
  • Dietary sulforaphane was selected for its capacity to reverse abnormalities that have been associated with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), including oxidative stress and lower antioxidant capacity, depressed glutathione synthesis, reduced mitochondrial function and oxidative phosphorylation, increased lipid peroxidation, and neuro-inflammmation.
  • In Korea 25.000 bottles of Broccoli Sprouts Juice are used every month from families with autistic children or relatives.

We truly believe that COME ALIVE Broccoli Sprouts Juice is the very best source of sulforaphane in the whole world hands down!

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or a substitute for individual medical advice. Information provided for this product is solely for your information and is totally based on scientific studies.

Organic broccoli sprouts juice 99.8%, vegan lactic acid 0.02%*.

Come Alive broccoli sprouts juice by Spartakos is the best source of sulforaphane.

Independent laboratories tested Broccoli Sprouts Juice and found more than 45mg isothiocyanates including sulforaphane in 40ml bottle-tube!

The Johns Hopkins Institute recommended taking  10-20mg sulforaphane daily.

We juice only young broccoli sprouts because at 4 to 5 days old sprouts contain over 100 times more sulforaphane per gram than fully mature broccoli.

Come Alive broccoli sprouts juice has a 6 month shelf life from the date of production. We normally ship within one month of the production date.

Supplied in 28 bottles – tubes per single case.  Each bottle contains 40ml raw cold-pressed juice.

  • Organic.
  • Whole food supplement.
  • Raw.
  • Never heated, Never frozen.
  • Cold pressed.
  • Ready to drink.
  • Ambient storage.
  • Preserved using HPP technology (ultra high water pressure).
  • 6 months shelf life.
  • No fridge required.
  • Suitable for: Vegan, Paleo, Keto diets.

Product origin: EE.

* Lactic acid is naturally present in fermented plant foods and this is the type that we use. Fermented foods last a long time without being refrigerated because of the lactic acid. We truly believe that this naturally formed preservative is the best solution to ensure that your Broccoli Sprouts Juices are safe to drink. We also use a teeny amount: about 50 ml of organic, vegan lactic acid in every 200.000 ml of juice. We add this drop or two of lactic acid to prevent growth of botulin spores that could cause illness.  Also to be noted is that there are two types of lactic acid. The first which is one to be avoided is a byproduct of slaughterhouses. The second is the Only One that we use and is Organically produced and 100% Vegan.

** We chose plastic instead of glass for this product, because a well respected German Research Institute made a study of packaging like this and concluded that these materials were equivalent environmentally to cardboard or glass bottles. They investigated not just the end of life disposal and recycling, but also the origin of the materials used, the overall carbon footprint including transportation, etc.

We recommend you drink 1 (one) bottle every day, preferable every morning or noon on an empty stomach (at least 15 minutes before meals).

If your health is very compromised, you may wish to take more than one bottle per day. We suggest 2-4 bottles per day.

Just one bottle of our organic Broccoli Sprouts Juice contains an abundance of natural sulforaphane (45mg) as recommended by the Johns Hopkins Institute (10-20mg).

One bottle of Broccoli Sprouts Juice (40ml) is equivalent to the benefits of 2.6 kg mature broccoli or 70g fresh broccoli sprouts!

You can enjoy straight from the bottle, mix with water or add to your favorite juice or smoothie.

No fridge required. Take anywhere… work, gym, vacation etc.

Drink to your Health, certainly you deserve it!

There’s no approved recommended daily allowance for Broccoli Sprouts Juice. If you have a medical condition that may be impacted by drinking beetroot juice, talk to your doctor to determine how much is safe for you to drink.

Disclaimer: At QuantaCell67 we make great food supplements but we are not medical doctors. If you need medical advice or require diagnosis or treatment we cannot give it to you. You must consult a qualified health practitioner (but please tell them all about QuantaCell67 products!).

Are your Broccoli Sprouts Juices certified organic?

They are certified organic and hold EU organic certification. That means that we use only organic broccoli seeds, certified organic fertilizer from plants, NO genetically modified material, NO unnatural chemical fertilizers or pesticides, NO hidden additives, safe- gentle natural cleaning agents for the equipment and always LOTS of love and care for our precious customers.

How do you make Come Alive Broccoli Sprouts Juices?

To maximize Sulforaphane, we use a high glucoraphanin content variety of Italian broccoli Calabrese seeds. Then we grow our own broccoli sprouts just to 4 days, harvest them, cold-pressed juice them, which mixes the glucoraphanin and myrosinase instantly. First, our juices are cold-pressed and poured into bottles, which are sealed. The bottles are collected and put into the HPP machine. The HPP vat with our bottles inside is filled with water and then a very high pressure of around 6,000 bar / 87,000 psi is applied. The high pressure is applied for just a few minutes at cold temperatures. The pressure destroys the bacteria in the juice and, because the juice is already in a sealed bottle, no more bacteria can develop until the bottle is opened and left exposed to air. This ultra-high pressure locks in the sulforaphane and its isothiocyanates.

How is it possible to keep the Broccoli Sprouts Juice raw and fresh for such a long period of time?

Because of the Ultra High Pressure (HPP) technology that protects the enzymes and other nutrient values, the juice is safe to drink at least for 16-24 weeks (4-6 months). We tested our bottle juice at 4 years of age and it was still free from bacterial activity! To avoid oxidation or browning of the juice, we suggest drinking the shot (40ml) immediately. Please note, that broccoli sprouts juice is not dark green in color because the broccoli sprouts are also not very green. The roots and stems are white and only the tiny little leaves are green.

Why you should choose Come Alive Broccoli Sprouts Juice?

We grow our broccoli sprouts for the sole purpose of giving you the best source of sulforaphane, since we are the only producer of Broccoli Sprouts Juice in the world that uses HPP technology to preserve the juice. If you prefer to minimize your hygienic risks, then we recommend you buy Come Alive Broccoli Sprouts Juice. We bottle immediately after juicing so there can be no chance of bacterial growth. The sprouts we grow are nurtured in nutrient-rich media since we use special mineral rich spring water. We make sure that the sprouts grow naturally as they would do in nature. Our sprouts are grown in the perfect temperature and light to maximize the nutrients. Importantly, we rinse our sprouts EVERY 5 MINUTES to avoid growth of mold. When the sprouts are ready after 4 days, they are washed and juiced and immediately bottled. Then we preserve the juices at low temperatures using ultra-high pressure (HPP). This process is designed to maximize the amount of sulforaphane in the juice.

What are Broccoli Sprouts?

Broccoli sprouts are the young shoots of the broccoli plant. Like all sprouts, they’re extremely rich in nutrients because they contain all the information the plant needs to fully mature. Like all sprouts, broccoli sprouts are fast growing and can reach optimal height in just 3-5 days. Broccoli sprouts are by far the best source of sulforaphane which is one of the most important phytonutrients to have been discovered in the past 30 years. What’s also great about sprouts, is that the enzymes in them help to replace those that our bodies no longer produces so our bodies can return to making more metabolic-systemic enzymes for repairing and healing.

What is Sulforaphane?

Sulforaphane is a phytochemical, the main isothiocyanate that comes from broccoli. It’s called sulforaphane because the sulforaphane molecule (this is its minute chemical structure) contains sulfur atoms. Sulforaphane is one isothiocyanate with many remarkable properties that has been studied extensively with many remarkable properties.

How is Sulforaphane made?

Sulforaphane doesn’t exist in the growing broccoli mature plant or broccoli sprouts. It is formed by a chemical reaction when the plant is cut, chopped or juiced and its cell walls are broken.

As the vegetable is chewed or juiced, glucoraphanin is released and comes into contact with an enzyme called myrosinase, which then forms sulforaphane. Sulforaphane is created by plants as one of their natural defense mechanisms against certain pests that don’t like sulforaphane and are repelled by it. Luckily it has the opposite effect on humans! It is the reaction of glucoraphanin with myrosinase that produces sulforaphane. Our cold-pressed Broccoli Sprouts Juice release sulforaphane, a highly reactive molecule that is easily absorbed into the blood where it can quickly take effect.

How much Sulforaphane in 40ml Broccoli Sprouts Juice?

Come Alive Juices had broccoli sprout juice tested at independent laboratory which proved that there are 25 micromoles of the desired isothiocyanates including sulforaphane per 10ml juice. This means a 40ml bottle contains at least 100 micromoles of isothiocyanates including sulforaphane. The John Hopkins Medical Research Centre published studies on cancer, autism and pollution remediation, recommending a daily dose of 40 micromoles. They also noted that there is no known toxic level of dose. Come Alive broccoli sprouts juice has at least 250% of the daily dose recommended by the John Hopkins Institute!

What is vegan lactic acid and why do you use it?

Lactic acid is naturally present in fermented plant foods and this is the type that we use. Fermented foods last a long time without being refrigerated because of the lactic acid and we believe, that this naturally formed preservative is the best solution to ensure that your juices are safe to drink. We use only a teeny amount, about 50 ml of organic, vegan lactic acid in every 20.000ml of juice. Not that much. We add 1 drop or 2 of lactic acid to prevent growth of botulin spores that could cause illness. This is something you should be concerned about in other manufacturer’s juices and so do make sure that they too protect you from getting sick. Also to be noted is that there are two types of lactic acid. The first which is one to be avoided is a byproduct of slaughterhouses! The second is the only one that we use and is organically produced and 100% vegan.

Why plastic bottles-tubes instead of glass?

The main reason we chose plastic bottles instead of our favorite glass is convenient and hygienic safety for our customers. A well respected German Research Institute made a study of packaging like this and concluded that these materials were equivalent environmentally to cardboard or glass bottles. They investigated not just the end of life disposal and recycling but also the origin of the materials used, the overall carbon footprint including transportation, etc. They then passed their study to the German Federal Government, who agreed with the conclusions of the study.

Why not bigger container instead of individual 40ml bottles?

We love the enzymes in our juices, but they would not love to be stored in one big container, because it would degrade their activity level and your juice would suffer. Every time you drank one serving you would be closing up the container with a fresh supply of air and as the bottle gradually empties, there would be more and more air, with more and more oxidation too. That would mean that as you drank the contents, the quality of the juice would get worse and worse. So we decided to use only small-individual bottles (40ml).

What is HPP?

HPP = High Pressure Processing and is an emerging technology used in the food industry to preserve foods at low temperatures without changing the taste, nutrients or appearance. After we put the Broccoli Sprouts Juices in the little bottles, we put them into the pressure system and pump it up to ultra-high pressure. Think of ten elephants standing on one strawberry! This high pressure kills all the bad guys, such as salmonella and e-coli but leaves the enzymes intact and live. The survival of the enzyme is well documented and reported in peer reviewed scientific articles. And as regards harmful bacteria, we have an independent laboratory test batches to confirm freedom from pathogens.

Why High Pressure Processing HPP?

At QuantaCell67, we chose to use only HPP technology to preserve Come Alive Juices because we considered it was by far the best method of preservation for several reasons:

  • FRESH JUICE: juice tastes as fresh as home-made juice.
  • NUTRIENTS DENCE: contains all the nutrients present in the original sprouts.
  • LIVE ENZYMES: has full enzyme activity.
  • SAFE QUALITY: lasts for a long time in perfect hygienic quality.

Please note that any heat pasteurized juice contains no enzymes, but without the myrosinase enzyme active only in raw broccoli sprouts  juice, there can be no sulforaphane available!

Current methods of preservation (heat pasteurization, air drying, freeze drying etc) destroy most of the nutrients and all of the enzyme activity. This affects the vast majority of juices and supplements currently available today.

We know that you buy our juices because of the nutrients in them and that you need the enzymes in order to digest the nutrients. HPP delivers all of this and more.

The HPP process increases enzyme activity by 1-3% and also significantly increases the amount of sulforaphane available compared with fresh-pressed juice.

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    I know that 3-4 days broccoli sprouts have many benefits and offer grate protection against cancer. I am really excited for this amazing product, because it offers the most Sulphorafane in a convenient daily supply.

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