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CHLORELLA powder QuantaCell67 (1)
Chlorella light black quantacell67
chlorella powder QUANTACELL67
CHLORELLA powder QuantaCell67 (1)
Chlorella light black quantacell67
chlorella powder QUANTACELL67

Organic Chlorella Powder

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Chlorella is characterized as a toxin eliminator as it has the ability to detoxify the human body at cellular level. Our chlorella is produced according to the strictest criteria and is characterized as the cleanest and highest quality on the planet. Certified by the most reputable organizations worldwide, you can be confident of your own safety and that of your loved ones.


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QuantaCell67 Chlorella is a microscopic green algae, not much larger than a red blood cell.

The microalgae is spherical in shape and one of the oldest species of algae in the entire world.

In Japan is considered as a food of national interest for health. It has the highest chlorophyll content of any known plant and this gives chlorella its deep green color.

Chlorella is today the most efficient natural detoxifier known, thanks to its high chlorophyll content and the chelating membrane which absorbs certain heavy metals and chemical pollutants such as dioxins, PCBs.

More than 5.000 medical research studies from around the world have been reported (as of March 2021), about safety and its health benefits, from supporting human health to simply boosting people’s everyday energy levels.

Bring the goodness of Chlorella algae into your daily life!

Chlorella detoxifies and alkalize the human body.

Chlorella contains the synergy of Potent Nutrients…

  • Chlorophyll: Eliminates heavy metals, lead, mercury, PCBs, purifies the bowels and the entire body.
  • Growth factor (CGF): Contains the exceptional Growth Factor for stimulating cell regeneration or reconstruction of tissues.
  • Complete Plant Protein: It contains all the 9 essential amino acids.
  • Essential Fatty Acids: Rich in Alpha-linolenic acid.
  • Dietary Fibers: The vehicle for the elimination of heavy metals that makes chlorella a natural detoxifier.
  • Alkaline Minerals: The Firewalls for The Human Body (Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium).
  • Iron: Contributes to the normal function of the immune system, and energy-yielding metabolism.
  • Vital Vitamins: Exceptional spectrum with vitamin B6, B9 (folic acid), B12 and vitamin K, C and E.
  • Antioxidants: Contains the highest rate of chlorophyll, plus phytosterols, tocopherols, tocotrienols and carotenoids (lutein, beta carotene).


Chlorella & vitamin B12

The recommended daily dose of Chlorella powder (3g), covers the necessary daily amount for B12 in absorbable form.

100% Organic Chlorella powder (Chlorella Pyrenoidosa)

  • Pure chlorella powder rich in biophotons.
  • The cell wall of Chlorella is gently broken down.
  • Grown from strong, healthy Chlorella microalgae strains.
  • Fresh smell and taste (no nasty smell or taste, like fish-rancid oil).
  • Cultivated outdoors under intense sunlight.
  • Cultivated in osmosis or pure mountain spring water.
  • Nourished with organic nutrients of plant origin.
  • Harvested at the time of the highest nutrient density.
  • Dried below 40° – raw food quality.
  • Natural and processed without any additives.
  • Stored and processed in geopathically and electromagnetically sanitized rooms.
  • Certified Organic, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO.
  • Suitable for: Vegan, Paleo, Keto diets.
  • Naturally iodine-free.

Packed in dark amber glass jars to protect Chlorella powder from UV light.

Product origin: Taiwan

1 teaspoon (3g) daily

The suggested serving for QuantaCell67 Chlorella powder is three grams (3g) a day, at once or separately. Take organic Chlorella powder at least one hour before meals (on empty stomach for better digestion and assimilation).

Enjoy mixed in juice, smoothies, salad dressings. Add to your favorite raw food recipes to boost your healthy diet.

Must be dissolved in cold drinks or foods at room temperature, so the high nutrients & enzymes will not be lost by the heat.

More effective when sipped, rather than gulped down.

It’s the perfect way to start the day (alone or with spirulina)!

What country is  Quantacell67 Chlorella sourced from?

Our Organic Chlorella is grown in Taiwan. Taiwan is recognized for having the best Chlorella and Spirulina in the world. The company that grows our algae has been growing algae for almost 50 years , winning prestigious awards for its quality and commitment to education and research.

How to Know if Your Chlorella is High-Quality?

Always ask for the test reports and nutritional analysis of the product. If the seller does not provide these test reports or he doesn’t give you access to them, you can start to question the claims that are made.

Why the Cell Wall of Chlorella must be Broken?

In order to make the contents available to us, the cell wall must be broken. The way in which this happens is crucial for the quality of the Chlorella. If you don’t assure this, then heavy metals and chemical compounds can no longer be bound by the cell wall and released from your body.

How is the cell wall of  Quantacell 67 Chlorella being broken?

We use our patented unique pressure release method to break the cell wall. This is the safest method to be sure that the contents of the cell remain 100% undamaged.

What is the difference between Chlorella powder and tablets?

There is a big difference in the digestion process. Chlorella powder is better digested and assimilated compared to tablets and capsules.

Does Quantacell67 Chlorella contains iodine?

Quantacell67  Chlorella is a fresh water algae and therefore contains no iodine. You can see our nutritional declaration – analysis here…

What are the health benefits of Chlorella?

  • Stimulate immune function
  • Offers balanced nutrition for optimal health
  • Binds and removes heavy metals from the body
  • Increases the energy level
  • Builds red blood cells
  • Promotes and supports healing.
  • It has been found to reduce cholesterol along with triglycerides
  • Chlorella can help reduce total body fat as well as blood glucose levels
  • Improves Blood Pressure
  • Offers Better Aerobic Endurance

Are there any negative  side effects or  reactions from taking  Chlorella?

There are no dangerous  side effects for most consumers.

If you have a lot of toxins in your body, you may experience mild headaches, skin problems, mild diaroia, indigestion, constipation or flatulence. Lowering the dose ,usually brings everything back in balance. A very few number of people, cannot tolerate chlorella at all (just like some people can’t tolerate dairy). If you are one of them, you will know within minutes, because you will likely feel nauseous.

Please always consult your medical physician if you have concerns.

Is Chlorella powder safe when taken with any medication?

If you are taking medications, please consult with your medical doctor before using Chlorella or any other food supplement. Both Spirulina and Chlorella contain high levels of Vitamin K, which acts as a blood coagulant. Taking Warfarin (anti-coagulant) and Spirulina or Chlorella at the same time may, may have harmful medical consequences.

Is Chlorella powder safe for kids?

Chlorella is totally safe for everyday use, from childrens to seniors.

For children, we generally recommend a smaller dosage.

Can I take other supplements in addition to Chlorella?

Chlorella is a nutritional balanced and complete whole food product. You need to be careful when taking a mix of other supplements, because you never  know how is going to respond your body. Always seek the professional help of a doctor or naturopath who is familiar with nutritional supplements.

What are the differences between Chlorella and Spirulina?

Spirulina is particularly good for energy because it has no cell wall. It takes little time to digest, making it an instant source of vitamins and protein. Chlorella on the other hand, is a single celled organism and the richest source of chlorophyll on earth, containing all the B vitamins including vitamin B12 in usable form.  Spirulina is a blue green in algae and Chlorella has a light green colour and grows only in fresh water.

Is your Chlorella tested to be toxin free?

All of our products are verified to be free of heavy metals and radiation. We are happy to provide  extensive lab tests, ONLY to medical doctors, naturopaths , dieticians , nutritionists and other professionals. We can assure our valuable customers about the quality, safety and nutritional profile of all our nutritional supplements..

Do you provide test reports of nutritional analysis?

Yes we do… you can find the latest test reports for every product in their section.

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  1. EΝ

    Ρόδα (verified owner)

    Ταχύτατη παράδοση και άψογη εξυπηρέτηση στο site! Μας βοηθάτε να συνεχίσουμε την κατανάλωση εξαιρετικών προϊόντων. Ευχαριστούμε…

  2. EΝ

    Χριστίνα Γ. (verified owner)

    Εξαιρετική εμπειρία! Γρήγορη παράδοση σε προσεγμένη και ασφαλή συσκευασία. Η γεύση με διαφορά η καλύτερη από οποιαδήποτε άλλη σκόνη. Το έχω δοκιμάσει κυρίως με χυμό μήλου, καθώς και σε smoothie μπανάνας…τέλειο ως πρωινό γεύμα. Συγχαρητήρια για το προϊόν!

  3. EΝ

    I.T. (verified owner)

    Every vegan (and not only) should try this amazing product. Top quality worldwide and impeccable delivery from Quantacell 67.

  4. EΝ

    Αγγελής Βασιλειος (verified owner)

    Άμεση εξυπηρέτηση, καταπληκτικό προιόν*.

  5. EΝ


    Συσκευασία όπως και ποιότητα σε… άλλο επίπεδο!! Προκαλώ όποιον έχει πάρει από αλλού να δοκιμάσει τη Χλωρέλλα της QuantaCell67 και θα με θυμηθεί!! Απλά μέρα με τη νύχτα!!! 5 αστέρια και λίγα είναι!!!

  6. EΝ

    userlig (verified owner)

    Καλύτερο από οτιδήποτε άλλο έχω δοκιμάσει στο εμπόριο… Χρώμα, μυρωδιά, συσκευασία, γεύση όλα πρώτης ποιότητας! Χρησιμοποιήστε τα χρήματα σας με τον καλύτερο δυνατό τρόπο αγοράζοντας προϊόντα σαν αυτά!

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    Despina (verified owner)

    Divine!!!!!!! Απλά θεϊκό!!!!!

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    Ηλίας  (verified owner)

    Εκπληκτικό προϊόν… η γεύση του με χυμό μήλου αλλά και με νερό, είναι απόλυτα συμβατή με τον οισοφάγο μου.
    Η εξυπηρέτηση ταχύτατη και η συσκευασία άψογη. Θεωρώ επίσης ότι και η τιμή του είναι πολύ καλή. 

  9. EΝ

    Ηλιόδωρος * (verified owner)

    Tαχύτατη παράδοση, άψογη συσκευασία και η γεύση της με χυμό μήλου εκπληκτική!

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