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Our Story

One passionate Owner

We are leaders in this field for over 20 years and always launch first innovative new products.

As scientists and researchers, we do our best to always stay up to date for the highly effective solutions for human health.

We combine the latest evidence – based, scientifically proven health information with personal knowledge, to manufacture powerful food supplements with lasting health impact.

Our continuous effort for the most natural food supplements, led QuantaCell67 brand to the obvious…

“Premium Quality Always our First Priority”

One life Philosophy


Beginning in late 1998 we never thought that our own life standing passion for health and vitality, would become the biggest motivation for establishing QuantaCell67.

Disappointed with most of the existing food supplements on the market, we decided to manufacture our own brand!

The Brand name QuantaCell67 as the name refers, was inspired from Quantum Physics and Quantum Nutrition.

A healthy human cell vibrates above 62 MHz and our products are created under this spectrum, for “Healthy Cell Vibration”.


We are true believers in holistic healing modalities and passionately spreading the message, that health care is all about conscious self care.

The management of QuantaCell67 consists of  naturopaths, nutritional therapists and professors of physical education.

Committed always to perfection and never compromise our life values, we manufacture and distribute the most pure, natural food supplements backed up by science.

We do our best to buy direct only from like-minded producers who like us, “talk the talk and walk the walk”.

One optimistic Vision


Our MVP (most valuable person) is “You” – the true health sicker looking to add years to your life and life to your years.

We are always transparent about the quality of our products and provide accessible documents and full declarations by renowned independent laboratories.

Our entire range is vegan and all of our products are packaged in amber glass bottles-totally recyclable and sunlight protected nutrients.

Time has come to thrive and not just survive

We all need the best quality products that respect the environment,
the animals & of course the consumers health.

QuantaCell67 is a conscious Life changing company and not just another supplement supplier.

Holistic philosophy with informative, educational approach to better understand how to supplement the individual nutrients effectively.

We are here to inspire, to motivate and to lead by example.

QuantaCell67 products are an integral part of our holistic approach to life, health, vitality and longevity.

One unique Brand

Since 1998 Our Core Philosophy remains the same

Leading by example

Be the change you want to see

Health is wealth

Take your health in your own hands

Photonic nutrition for optimum health, youthness and longevity

Best quality always our first priority